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If You Have Time To Chat, You Have Time To Work!

, , , , | Working | November 20, 2020

I work as a merchandising rep. My job is to go into stores to change stock, relay shelves, and tidy. I’ve just been to one of my favourite stores and have just gotten back home to find that my husband’s unemployed brother is visiting. He has worked for years in store manager roles and always seems to take an interest in my work.

Brother-In-Law: “So, where were you today?”

Me: “At [Store].”

Husband: “I thought you would have been longer; you’re home early.”

Me: “I got everything done quite quickly. I even made the lady I deal with happy. She saw me coming out the storage area with the equipment I needed to use and told me that all the other reps make her get it for them. I actually really like her.”

Brother-In-Law: “I used to love it when reps came in. I would stop and talk to them for hours. She probably looks forward to the nice chats with you, too.”

Me: “We don’t have time to chat. She’s got work to do, and I have work to do and very limited time to do it in.”

Brother-In-Law: “I didn’t worry about that. I was happy just chatting and they would give me free stuff.”

He still can’t understand why he never made it through the twelve-month probation period for his last three jobs or why he hasn’t gotten a job for the last five-plus years.

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