If You Don’t Have A Duck, Does That Make You A Quack?

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I’m a female who has worked at this hardware store for almost four years. We cut keys for customers. An older guy comes into the store.

Me: “Hello there. What can I help you with today?”

Customer: “I bought these keys at a car show and I brought them in to get cut for my car the other day. Some other girl was here and they are not working.”

Me: “Okay, let me take a look at the keys.”

He gives me his original keys and then the keys he brought in that he bought at the car show. I take a look at them, and just by looking at them, I can tell that they are not the right key blanks for his car.

Me: “These keys are not the right key blanks for your car; that’s why they are not working.”

I go show him how they are different. The customer starts to interrupt me.

Customer: “They are the right keys, d*** it. I got them at the car show so they are right.”

Me: “Well, if you look closely, the grooves don’t match up on your original keys.”


I ding the bell to get someone up front with me. My boss comes up and I explain what is going on. My boss looks at the keys.

Boss: “Yeah, they are not the right keys. They don’t match up to your original set of keys. You bought the wrong ones.”

The customer just looked at me, and all I wanted to say was, “I TOLD YOU SO!”

After the guy left, my boss asked if I’d told him that, and I said yes but he was insisting that I was wrong. I said to my boss, “I don’t have a d**k so he wouldn’t listen to me.”

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