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If You Cut In Line You’ll Do The Time

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I’m in line for security at the airport. It’s shortly after domestic flights restarted from the health crisis lockdowns, so the airport is very quiet compared to pre-crisis levels. They still have the traditional “rope maze” set up before security, but the line doesn’t stretch very long.

When I’m about twentieth in line, with about the same number of people behind me, I watch two college-aged kids duck under the rope at the closest corner to the security entrance — not the very front of the line, but pretty close. Several people in front of me berate the kids, but of course, they ignore the complaints. The TSA agents monitoring the line, however, do take notice.

Both kids get pulled aside by TSA for “extra screening”. After I pass through security, I find a seat near the terminal entrance and watch to see how long it takes the kids to finally make it through.

By my watch, they don’t get through security until half an hour after I made it through — nearly an hour after they so blatantly cut the line.

Serves them right for being so entitled that they thought they could get away with such a blatant cut, especially when the airport was so quiet.

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