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If You Can’t Take The Heat… Stop Ordering It!

, , , , | Right | CREDIT: SuperTommyD0g | September 12, 2021

I used to work as a waiter in an Indian restaurant. Every now and again, we used to get a couple that would come in that always tried to impress each other with how spicy they could handle their curry. Today the girlfriend went for a Rogan Josh (not spicy) and the boyfriend went for a Jalfrezi. They also ordered a soda each.

I went back to the kitchen and twenty minutes later brought out the meals. Five minutes later, lo and behold, the girlfriend flagged me down.

Girlfriend: “This isn’t spicy enough!”

I went back and got her a Madras — pretty spicy. I saw her try it and obviously struggle a little, but…

Girlfriend: “I want something hotter than this!”

I went back and told the chef and brought out a Vindaloo — the hottest curry you could get at the establishment. The second it touched her tongue, she went crazy.

Girlfriend: *Shouting at me* “You! Bring me some water!”

And after I brought the water:

Girlfriend: “BRING ME SOME MILK!”

When she finally calmed down, they tried to leave, but my manager stopped them and made them pay. All in all, with drinks, the four curries, and poppadoms, it was around £70 to £80. They haven’t been back since.