If This Is How He Thinks It Works, Then Game On!

, , | Right | May 19, 2020

A customer calls in and he sounds like a kid no more than maybe twelve or thirteen. Keep in mind that I’m female, and I sound it.

Customer: “Yeah, so, my name is [Customer], and last year, I gave somebody at your store $200 to give me [Game] early. So, if I give you $200, can I get [Game that isn’t out for another three months]?”

Me: “Sorry, no, nobody here would be willing to do that.”

Customer: “Why not?! I did it last year!”

Me: “And I’m willing to bet that if you really did, they’re no longer working for us.”

Customer: “Fine! I’ll give you $300!”

Me: “No, thanks, that won’t really do me any good when I get fired.”

Customer: “I’ll give you $300.01, and that’s it!”

Me: “Yeah, like I said, that won’t do me any good when I get fired. Besides, [Game] isn’t out for a few months yet; I don’t have any copies to give you even if it wouldn’t get me fired.”

Customer: “You could come work for me. I work for [some gaming group that is specifically aimed at males].”

Me: “Yeah, sorry, I like my job.”

The customer sounds like he can’t believe his ears.

Customer: “You don’t want to work for [Group]?”

Me: “Nope. Sorry, can I put you on hold? Somebody’s on the other line.”

Coworker: “What’d they want?”

Me: “Offering me $200 for [Game].”

Coworker: “Man, these kids are stupid.”

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