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If This Is Cursed, Then Hit Me With That Magic!

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(It’s early in the day and not many people are at the mall. As I enter through the main doors, there’s a flash of black near my ankles. I look down and see that a black cat has shot past me into the mall.)

Me: “Where did you come from?”

Cat: “Meow.” 

Me: “Let’s get you back outside, okay?”

Cat: “Meow.” 

(I carefully reach downwards, prepared to pull back if the cat reacts poorly. But it doesn’t object to me scooping it up and holding it. I’m about to take it back outside when I notice a female scowling and making strange gestures with her hands, almost like she’s making a cross.)

Me: “Uh, ma’am?”

Female: “You picked up a black cat! You’re cursed!”

(I changed my mind and walked over to the mall security office, more to report the female’s behavior than concerned with the cat. But of course, mall security was concerned about the cat, and since the female didn’t actually do anything to me, they couldn’t do anything about her. The cat had no ID of any kind or any indication of where it came from. And that’s how I met my furry owner. He’s owned me for seven years now and has added my girlfriend and my son to his list of pet humans.)

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