If They Complain, It’s Your Neck

, , , , | Working | May 2, 2018

(I buy a necklace from the store where I work, and only notice after I take it home that there is a bead missing. I wouldn’t normally mind, except I’m planning to wear the necklace to work. Since my store is a little bit higher-end, we are supposed to be conscious of our appearance, so I don’t think it would be appropriate to wear a necklace with a piece missing. As such, I take it in the next day and stop by the registers to exchange it for an intact necklace. My manager processes the exchange, and I assume she’s going to damage out the old one, as that is normally our process with jewelry that is missing a part. However, instead, she simply takes the old necklace and puts it back out on the display alongside the other intact jewelry.)

Manager: “Maybe no one will notice.”

(I chose not to argue, but I know our clientele is definitely the kind of people who would notice, and who would potentially make a fuss. I never did hear anything more about it, though, so maybe we lucked out and whoever bought the broken necklace really didn’t notice that anything was wrong.)

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