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If There Is Anyone Who Would Scream For Ice Cream…

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My family and I go into a local ice cream store for a special treat. We arrive about ten minutes earlier than the store opens, as we want to be in and out before it gets crowded, and because Florida gets hot in the middle of the day.

We sit on a nearby bench waiting for the store to open and notice a maskless woman waiting right next to the door. The worker completely ignores her and continues setting up. The woman shifts from one foot to the other impatiently.

In a few minutes, the store opens, but we wait a bit longer to let the impatient woman get her ice cream so we don’t have to be inside with anyone unmasked. We are in no hurry so it’s no problem to wait.

As I struggle to choose an ice cream, my spouse makes small talk with the worker.

Spouse: “That lady really wanted her ice cream.”

Worker: “Oh, she was there an hour ago. She does this all the time. I just ignore her now.”

From now on, whenever I am in a rush or impatient, I will think of that lady, who often waits an hour outside in the hot Florida sun, just to buy an ice cream. She doesn’t buy a tub and eat it at home whenever she wants, and she doesn’t arrive when it opens or sit down to wait. Life is truly a rich tapestry.

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