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If The Shoe Fits…, Part 13

, , | Right | May 3, 2022

I worked at a bowling alley for a year before they shut down. Near the end, pretty much everything was worn down, including the rental shoes. One customer came in, paid for a game and a shoe rental, and then went down to her lane. She came back a few moments later.

Customer: “These shoes are really worn out. Can I exchange them for some nicer ones?”

Me: “You’re right; those ones are pretty ratty. Give them to me and I’ll see if I have a nicer pair.”

I took the shoes and crouched behind the counter (where we kept all the rentals) and looked through them. Nothing in or around her size was in better condition. I stood back up, holding the same pair she was originally given.

Me: “I’m sor—”

Customer: *Cutting me off* “Yes, this pair is much nicer! Thank you!”

She went back to her lane and had no other issues with her “better” shoes.

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