If The Shoe Fits… Just Pray The Mate Does, Too

, , , , | Working | CREDIT: antonbarbone | December 13, 2020

I’m out shopping for running shoes with my mom at the local mall because I have had the same shoes for about a year and they are starting to get small.

We look around at shoes and find a pair that looks the best on me, and we ask for my size. The employee comes back with only one shoe and the box, and we try on the one shoe.

Mom: “Can we try the other shoe, please?”

Employee: “Sorry, store protocol is that you can only try on one shoe.”

My mom looks at me with the most confused face I’ve seen, and we go and pay for the shoes.

Once we pay for the shoes, we turn around the corner to the couch and try on the other shoe. The other shoe is somewhat loose, so we take the shoes back to return them. It’s been about three minutes since we left the store.

The employee glared at us while returning the shoes. We then asked for the same shoes but in half a size down. He realized exactly what we had done, so he gave us the entire box instead of the one shoe. Those fit, so we paid and left.

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