If The Shoe Fits (In)

| Friendly | February 4, 2016

(I am chatting with a friend to whom I have not spoken in ages. The topic of my job comes up.)

Me: “Now if only [Name] would shut up about how I need to start wearing jeans to ‘fit in.’ Clearly they already like me. Why the h*** would I start going conformist?”

Friend: “That’s really controlling of her. Who the h*** cares what you wear?”


Friend: “Next time she comments just pull her aside and ask what concern of hers is it what you wear as long as it conforms to the dress code?”

Me: “Uh… no. That won’t get her to go away. It’ll just get me a lecture about how they’re trying to help and I’m being rude.”

Friend: “Then ‘I’m good how I am’ should suffice.”

Me: “I’ve tried that before. It doesn’t work. They think because they’re older that they know better.”

Friend: “Meh. Just chalk her up as some busy body that needs an underling to feel complete and ignore it. A trend setter without a following.”

Me: “No, she cares WAAAAAAAAY too much about how other people think. Probably because she gets too judge-y of others and fails to comprehend that not everyone is like that.”

Friend: “Oh, well. Some coworkers.”

Me: “…[Name]’s not a coworker. She’s my step-mother.”

(I guess my friend and I needed to chat more often!)

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