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If The Shoe Fits…, Part 5

| Related | June 17, 2015

(One day I hear a very loud clunking noise from the washing machine.)

Me: “Mom, why is the machine making that loud noise?”

Mom: “I put my shoes, your brother’s shoes, and your father’s shoes in there.”

Me: “What? Why? Our washing machine is not the best. It’s going to break.”

Mom: “Washing machines are made to not break!”

(She does it a few times more, and guess what: it breaks down.)

Me: “See?!”

Mom: “It has nothing to do with the shoes! It’s just old!”

(Since she doesn’t have money, she asks me to buy her a new one. I agree as long as she doesn’t put anything but clothes in there. Six months later, it breaks again.)

Me: “Mom, did you put shoes in there?!” *she looks guilty* “Mom!”

Mom: “It doesn’t break!”

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