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If The Pants Fit…

| Right | January 7, 2017

(I am wearing a dress and boots, and shopping for some blouses. I bend down to pick up a few off the floor to put them back on the rack, since I used to work retail and like to help out when I can. A woman approaches me.)

Woman: “Where are the women’s pants?”

Me: “Uh… I don’t know. I think on the other side of the escalator.”

Woman: “Take me to them.”

Me: “I am shopping for blouses, but if you walk in that direction, I’m sure one of the associates will help you.”

Woman: “Oh! You don’t work here, do you?”

Me: “No, I’m just another customer.”

(She then proceeds to stand there staring at me for a minute while I continue shopping. When I finally look up at her again, she has her arms crossed and looks angry.)

Woman: “WELL? Are you going to help me or not?”

(I ended up taking her over to where I saw the pants earlier, and before I leave, I look her very sternly in the eye and give her a bit of a scolding.)

Me: “I guarantee if you ever treat any other human being that way, you will get worse service than if you had acted like an adult, civilized human being. I only brought you over here myself because I don’t want to subject one of the poor associates to your sh***y attitude. Now go find your pants and leave me alone.”


(I left her there yelling angry things at me and demanding a manager. I was able to continue my shopping without any more interruptions. I felt sorry for the cashier who had to check her out, though.)

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