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If The Employees Are Terrible, What Does That Make Me?

, , , , | Right | CREDIT: Cow_Toolz | January 21, 2022

Earlier this year, I was in a pharmacy that was having a sale on makeup, with all the sale items together on one table. I had an armful of products and was searching through the rest for particular colours, moving things around, putting some things back when I found something I liked better, etc.

A woman who was part of a middle-aged couple came into my aisle and stood a few displays away behind me, complaining to her partner about the pharmacy and how she couldn’t find something.

I was focused on what I was doing so I wasn’t really listening to their conversation; my brain just registered some kind of sarcastic white noise that was getting increasingly louder and more passive-aggressive.

Her partner was quietly trying to hush her as she continued to exaggeratedly sigh and moan to him.

Woman: “This pharmacy’s employees are terrible. Gah, I need helllp!

From the time she’d walked into the aisle, she had just stood there and never attempted to go find an employee or whatever it was she was after.

Finally, she very loudly and exasperatedly bellowed:

Woman: “Does she even work here?!”

I was startled by the outburst and turned around to look at her, finding her looking shocked and turning red because that was the exact moment when she realised that, no, I didn’t work there and wasn’t some employee ignoring her, and also the moment when I realised that the whole two minutes or so of sighing and nasty comments were actually aimed at me.

Flustered, she grabbed her partner’s arm and marched past me without making eye contact, still complaining about the pharmacy and its “terrible service,” though now in the erratic tone of someone trying to convince themselves they hadn’t just done something embarrassing.

I was dressed in all black (not anything like the employee uniform, but not out of the realm of possibility that I could work there) and I can understand how she might have thought I was restocking or sorting the sale table, but what a way to go about it instead of just asking, “Excuse me, do you work here?”

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