If That’s What Causes Her “Mental Distress,” She’s Lived A Good Life

, , , , , | Legal | January 28, 2020

I work in the legal department of a huge furniture store. Among other things, we sell separate pieces of leather furniture: footstools, chairs, and sofas. They are displayed in a group, but each piece has a tag on it specifying that these items are individual, not a group, and are sold individually. Another tag specifies that due to the nature of cowhide, there will be occasional, very slight color variations. There is also a large sign on the footstool with the same information. 

One of the matters that came across my desk recently was a lawsuit in which a customer claimed that she was misled into believing her leather furniture was a set. She was suing for half a million dollars in damages, claiming “intentional infliction of mental distress” because her black footstool was an ever so slightly different shade from the chair that was supposed to match it.

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