If That’s A Surprise For You Then You’ve Lived A Boring Life

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Due to the health crisis, we have a slightly reduced menu. This is always fun to explain to drive-thru customers.

Customer: “Can I get a strawberry banana smoothie?”

Me: “Unfortunately, I just ran out of bananas for the night. I can still do the regular strawberry smoothie if you want, though.”

Customer: “That’s fine. And I’ll take a small one of those, not the large.”

Me: “Okay. Just so you know, all of our smoothies only come in one size. Is that okay?”

Customer: “Jesus Christ! Are there any other surprises you want to pull on me? I mean, do you even have cups to put them in?! Why am I here?! Whatever! Just, fine.”

My eyeball is twitching as the menu states this.

Me: “That’ll be [total] at the window, thank you.”

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