If Shakespeare Be The Fruit Of Love, Then Quote On, Act 2

| Romantic | April 4, 2016

(My boyfriend and I are chatting on Gmail one night while I am working on math homework. Giving up, I decide to go to bed. We are also huge Shakespeare fans. I have the habit of quoting sappy song lyrics to him.)

Me: “All right, love. I’m going to sleep.”

Boyfriend: “Love you. Night.”

Me: “Love you, too. Good night, good night. Parting is such sweet sorrow, that I must say good night ere it be morrow.”

Boyfriend: “It is morrow.”

Me: “Shut up. I’m trying to be a Shakespearean actor. And besides, at least I’m quoting Shakespeare and not song lyrics.”

Boyfriend: “We must away ere the break of day.”

Me: “Aye… and this is why I love you.”