If People Are Panic-Buying Pens, You Should Try Somewhere Else

, , , , , , | Right | November 4, 2020

I am working the checkouts to help get the line down and this is the day when everyone has decided to panic-buy toilet paper. I happen to see my mom come in, heading my way. I know that she is here for toilet paper; we genuinely are out. I don’t acknowledge that I know her at all, and while still checking out my customer, I tell my mother:

Me: “No, get out and go to [Local Office Supply Store].”

My mom leaves, confused, and the customer looks at me, also confused.

Me: “Sorry, that’s my mom. She’s here for toilet paper like everyone else because we’re out.”

Customer: “But why send her to that store?”

Me: “It’s office supplies. They have toilet paper there. I’m just hoping nobody remembers that so there’s plenty left for her to get some.”

The customer stops and stares at me for a second.

Customer: “You. You are smart and will probably get through this thing.”

When I got home that day after work, I was pleased to see that I was correct and there was still plenty of toilet paper left for us to get some. The weird thing is that it wasn’t even the first time a customer told me that. I apparently have a weird talent for knowing stores that people forget about that hold the items people want most in these weird times.

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