If Paying For Stuff Is Fascism Then What Is Capitalism?

, , | Right | April 12, 2020

(I use the train multiple times a week to get to my university and back. One day, two conductors are checking tickets, and one of them is slightly cross-eyed.)

Conductor #1: “Please, show me your ticket.”

Passenger: “Get lost, squint.”

Conductor #1: *slightly irritated* “Could I please see your ticket now?”

Passenger: “Just leave me in peace, squint. You have no right to treat me like this.”

(The conductor calls for his workmate.)

Conductor #2: “Excuse me, sir, I must ask you to be polite and show me your ticket, or you will receive fines for dodging the fare.”

Passenger: “You have no right to treat me like this, you a**holes! I worked the whole day and am on my way home now and you two have no right to discriminate against me with your fascist methods!”

Conductor #2: “I’m calling the police; they’ll pick you up at the next train station.”

(The passenger flips them the bird, cursing the two out for treating him like that. He is escorted out of the train by police at the next stop.)

Me: “Keep it up, guys. You were polite and some people are just a**holes.”

Conductor #2: “No worries. We’re used to handling stuff like that.”

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