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If Only More People Were Like This Study Buddy

, , , , , | Learning | June 29, 2020

I text a girl that I am sort of friends with about a class that she has already taken but I am going to take in the next semester. We talk about the class for a bit and then part ways.

A few weeks later, she texts me.

Friend: “Hey! Did you get a seat in one of the TA sessions?”

There are 200 seats and over 500 students.

Friend: “If you didn’t get one, I can send you my notes from last semester!”

Me: “Thank you so much for offering! I did manage to get a seat because I set an alarm for when the signups were opening. Thanks for thinking of me!”

Friend: “Of course! I want you to succeed, buddy!”

I was really touched that she thought of me even though we aren’t really friends. Shoutout to her for being awesome, and I hope to pass on her kindness!

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