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If Only He’d Stayed Home And Ordered Online

, , , , | Right | CREDIT: DOC_BOYD | February 5, 2022

I work in an auto shop and recently became a manager there. My boss warned me that the higher you go in retail, the harder it gets to deal with customers. I thought he was joking because I’ve had pretty chill and downright friendly customers for the majority of my time working there.

But this one customer actually makes my blood boil. I’m not a violent or angry person by any means, but he really tests my patience.

First, he walks into the store and shows me the product he needs on his phone. He has already visited the website, so he already knows what he is looking for.

All right, cool. This’ll be a quick transaction. I get the product for him and go to my register. As I’m about to scan it, he hits me with this.

Customer: “I’d like to use this code.”

He shows me an online code on his phone. I stare at him.

Me: “Are you planning to buy the product online?”

Customer: “No, I want to use the code in here.”

Me: “I can’t use that code. You can only use it online.”

Customer: “But it’s your store. It’s the same thing; it’s your website.”

Me: “I’m aware that the website and our store have the same name, but we have no control over whatever happens online.”

Customer: “Where’s the manager?”

I’m giddy on the inside to finally be able to use this line.

Me: “I am the manager. And I’m telling you that this code is not going to work in the store.”

Customer: “Why can’t you just honor it?”

Me: “Honor what? There’s nothing to honor, because this is an online code, and you are currently in the store. In-store purchases and online purchases are completely separate things. It’s not going to work.”

Customer: “I didn’t see you type it in.”

Never taking my eyes off him, I proceed to type in the code and move the monitor so he can see it. I hit enter and nothing happens

Customer: *Pauses* “Well, something’s wrong with your computers, because the other stores have done this for me.”

Me: *Almost losing my temper* “There’s no way our other stores have done this. The code is supposed to be used online, so if they were to type in the computer at the store, they would’ve gotten the same result as me. Nothing.”

The customer makes a big huff and finally goes into his email to pull up a coupon that can be used in the store.

Customer: “I’ll be calling corporate about this.”

Me: “You do that.”

I relayed the entire interaction with this guy to my boss, and he laughed his a** off, and even his boss lost it when he told him.

I’m all good now, but man, that customer was not listening to a word I said.

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