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If Only All Customer Service Interactions Could Be So Encouraging!

, , , | Right | CREDIT: k_immer | December 19, 2021

I am a very emotional and expressive person, and most of the time I find it easy to connect with customers during support tickets. It is a great weapon to defuse angry or anxious customers.

We handle chat support where you are talking in real-time with a customer instead of having them wait for a couple of hours to get an answer from a “normal” ticket.

The lady that I got connected with had issues uploading files to our storage service. She mentioned that she was not-so-tech, so I tried to keep it a high-level conversation as much as possible. After the first troubleshooting steps didn’t work, I offered a video call and we jumped in. She was very polite and had this nice puppy picture as her profile photo — a very charming woman.

I asked her to share her screen with me, and it turns out that she gave the permissions to the wrong account. We went through the documentation together: I read the steps (using that non-tech language), she performed them, and I double-checked the actions with our internal tools. We had to repeat some steps because she forgot to click on “Save,” but she was cooperative and very willing to learn.

After finishing the process, she tried to upload a file and it worked!

Customer: “Thank you. I read these things tons of times and I felt really stupid because I couldn’t uplo—”

I interrupted her.

Me: “Never say that. You are not stupid. Don’t let anyone call you that. You did a great job today and it was nice to work with you.”

I could hear her voice breaking, trying to speak. She took that breath people take when they’re holding their tears, and she could just say, “Th-thanks.” I gave her a minute before asking if additional assistance was required but got no answer. I just heard her breathing, trying to recover. After a few moments, she returned to her normal, charming voice, said she was fine, and thanked me again. We said goodbye and the call ended.

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