If No Scone, Then Insta-Crone

| | Right | August 6, 2008

Customer: “I would like a tall coffee and a lemon cranberry scone, please.”

Me: “I’m sorry, I just sold the last scone to another customer. Would you like a pumpkin scone or a white chocolate blueberry scone instead?”

Customer: “What? No! I come here every morning and get a tall coffee and scone! I DEMAND you get me a scone! Look in the backroom, I need my scone!”

(I go to the back room to check for a scone, although I knew we didn’t have any.)

Me: “I’m sorry, we just don’t have any more lemon scones. Would you like anything else from the pastry fridge?”

Customer: “I can’t believe you sold my scone to someone else! You ruined my morning!”

Me: “There is another location near here… maybe they will have a scone for you. I can even call them if you want so they can set it aside for yo–”

Customer: “Do you think I have time for that? I run on a schedule!”

(The customer who had bought the last scone notices the situation and comes over.)

Nice customer: “Listen, if you want the scone so bad, just take mine. Seriously I didn’t even touch it… just take it.”

Customer: “NO, THANK YOU!” *storms off*

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  • Trillium

    I can understand that customer.
    Besides asking to look in the back they didn’t throw much of a tantrum and didn’t even rob nice customer of their scone. Didn’t even curse or abuse the employee.
    Perfectly acceptable level of frustration.

    • KashyaCharsi

      OCD is one thing, but the entitlement is unacceptable.

      • Trillium

        Seriously, while great many customers are obviously horribly entitled in these stories, this word is still losing meaning from overuse.

        Being frustrated your favourite routine breaks is not entitlement. Hoping there may be one more scone is not entitlement. Grasping at an off-chance, even so outlandish as looking in the back is not entitlement. That’s normal human reaction.

        Calling that entitlement is same as calling people who look out for their family (and naturally put family above strangers) hypocrites, or calling a person a bigot just because a good-natured joke he tells just so happens to mention any social group other than straight well-to-do middle-aged white male agnostics, perfectly healthy in both mind and body.

        If this story is indeed an example of entitlement, then apparently entitlement is not always a bad thing, and is quite natural.


        • Kraziekat

          Are you sure we read the same story? Getting upset over the last of a particular type of scone being sold? Ok. But getting attitude at the CSR, calling it ‘my scone’ before it’s even in their hands, much less paid for, and snapping at the person who bought it, who offered to give it to you is NOT sane or reasonable. That IS acting like entitlement.

          • Trillium

            I just typed a long reply to another commenter, I’m not gonna CnP it here.

            If you think such behaviour is unacceptable, I suggest you don’t leave your house, it might scar you. Because people tend to not always be literal, surprise-surprise. And they tend to slam doors or raise their voice when they are upset, surprise-surprise. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Not all people are robots.

          • KashyaCharsi

            If your house is surrounded with anger management therapy rooms, you might be right. Some short swearing to oneself and a “would you please check the back room? don’t you have any there either? never mind, then” would have been normal. This customer was at the very least tantrumy and rude, especially as they kept waving off offered solutions to rage some more.

          • Trillium

            Look, I admit there must be some expectations dissonance, since story is from US and I’m not, and I do know US has a very large percentage of people on anti-depression drugs, so probably acting as a beached medusa, but smiling, is what expected human behaviour is in such a case.

            Even if we assume there was “rage” and not just cranky tone with somewhat raised voice (I can’t see a single curse, nor implication of screaming, apart from last line, which still looks more like a bark than a scream; are you implying anyone would “rage” without cursing), there were no threats nor any serious accusations that would disrupt the peace.

        • ShadeTail

          You simply can *NOT* be serious. This asshole is a textbook case of entitlement. “How dare you sell *my* scone?! You’ve ruined my morning! Get me *my* scone right now!”

          • Trillium

            Good for you to always perfectly contol your emotions, never having felt frustration, and always impeccably match Queen’s level of politeness. Actually, not really good, since being a robot or an ice statue is little fun, but you get my drift.

            Even if what customer said was said absolutely serious, with no humour or tongue in cheek, its still not a big deal. A bit overacting, sure, but nothing bad. They did not abuse the cashier, did not insist on a demand that was quite obviously impossible to the customer themself, and didn’t cause any real harm to anyone. If you’re implying word “how dare” and “you’ve ruined my morning” might cause stress or anxiety to cashier, then said cashier would’ve been lucky to not have caught a heart attack from seeing a cloud in the sky.
            An entitled customer would’ve take kind one’s offered scone too, mind you.

            I suggest you get off this site and get out of the house/office for a while, see how real people talk and interact, maybe try it yourself. While there’s plenty of stories on this site that would be ugly in real life, this one is not one of them.

          • ShadeTail

            And I suggest *you* get out of the house and see real people, such as the ones I see all the time at my retail job. Because fact is, plenty of real people, including myself, have enough self-control to not act that way even when we get angry. If you don’t, then you are apparently a child who has a lot of growing up to do, much like the woman in this story.

            I also suggest you not act so condescending to someone who, apparently, is much more mature than you are, if your view on frustration and anger is anything to go by. Because no matter how upset you are, that’s no excuse to become a rude little shit who insists that what you want should be handed to you on a silver platter even if it isn’t available, and then just continue throwing a bratty tantrum rather than take any of the offered solutions, which is what the woman in this story did. The fact that you think her behavior is normal and not something to look down your nose at says quite a lot about you, all of it bad.

          • Trillium

            Look, I admit there must be some expectations dissonance, since story is
            from US and I’m not, and I do know US has a very large percentage of
            people on anti-depression drugs, so probably acting as a beached medusa,
            but smiling, is what expected human behaviour is in such a case.
            People where I live normally show emotion.

            Well, if you think merely raising your voice is already rude, and we ain’t talking about a banket in Buckingham Palace, but about regular cafe, I dunno what to say. I don’t see a single curse or swearword, no implications of screaming or foot-stomping. Aside from last line, I mean.
            And please, where does she insist? They say a “look in the back” cliche, apparently understand how ridiculous that is, mutter a bit and stomp off. Not even taking nice customer’s offered scone which, in fact, would’ve been real assholery.

            If being cranky and seething in place for a minute without causing any harm to anyone is so bad, then apparently I’m a horrible person. I mean, seriously – I throw arms in the air if my bus leaves just in front of me! How dare I! And I loudly say “Meh!” with a heartbroken expression if my local doughnut shop is out of my favourite doughnut. And – oh horror! – I make a tiiiiiiiiny bit contemptous/disgusted face when refusing to try an untasty coffee brand one local cafe’s trying to sell, sometimes with barely detectable sarcastic inflection in my voice!
            Because what this customer said and done is on same scale as throwing arms in the air and howling “Oh come oooooon!” in exasperated fashion… just using more words, none of them bad.