If Music Be The Food Of Love

| Romantic | July 16, 2013

(I’m at the park with my two nephews. One is 13, and the other is 16. The 13-year-old nephew sees a cute girl around his age, and his older brother is teasing him that he should go and ask her out. After enough teasing, he agrees.)

13-Year-Old Nephew: “Hi, I’m Matt.”

Girl: “Hi, I’m Lyric.”

13-Year-Old Nephew: “That’s a cool name; do you like music?”

Girl: “Yeah, my mom does too. That’s why I’m Lyric. I have two other sisters named Melody and Harmony.”

13-Year-Old Nephew: “Wow, I love music too! Who’s your favorite band?”

Girl: “As Cities Burn. I like metal.”

13-Year-Old Nephew: “Me too!”

Girl: “You’re not just saying that because your brother told you to ask me out, right?”

13-Year-Old Nephew: “No, they’re seriously my favorite group… and sorry about that.”

Girl: “Nah, it’s cool. But let’s just be friends.”

(Six years later, they started dating. They end up in the same college, and they just got married. They still listen to ‘As Cities Burn’ together, and can recite every single word to every single song.)

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