If Music Be The Food Of Love, Then Game On

Romantic | August 29, 2012

(I am waiting for an interview at an office supply store. I’m standing near the front counter looking outside as I watch a guy in a company work shirt run and jump over a small pillar in front of the store. His eyes go to horror as the doors aren’t opening fast enough. Thankfully, he is able to squeeze through and avoid hitting them.)

Me: *applaud* “I was worried there for a second. I would have laughed so hard if you had hit the door though… after I made sure you were okay, that is.”

Him: “If I had hit the door, I would have wished you recorded it so I could put it on the internet!”

(I go in for the interview, and end up getting the job. Fast forward a few days: it is my first time closing, and the guy is closing with me.)

Him: *has his music playing while restocking shelves* “You doing okay up there? Did you take out the trash?”

Me: “Think I got it. Wait… are you listening to the theme song from Power Rangers?”

Him: “Yes, yes I am.” *song changes*

Me: “Oh, my God. Is that now Gerudo’s Valley from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time?”

(He looks up at me wide eyed, then hits ‘next’ on his iPod.)

Me:Dr Wily from Mega Man 2.”

Him: “I’m so happy we hired you!”

(That was three years ago. We are now dating, and to this day we always play ‘name that video game tune’ whenever we are doing stuff or in the car.)

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