If I’ve Told You Once, I’ve Told You Twelve Times

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(A friend has called me to whine that her husband blames her for their twelve-year-old daughter breaking her arm.)

Me: “How did she break her arm?”

Friend: “She crashed a motorbike she was riding.”

Me: “A motorbike? I didn’t know she rode one.”

Friend: “It was her first time; it was my friend’s kid’s bike. I don’t know why she crashed. My friend’s kids don’t crash and they’re younger than her, so she should have been able to ride better than them because she’s older.”

Me: “How long have the friends been riding?”

Friend: “Oh, ever since they were four years old; they are only ten now.”

Me: “What makes you think that [Daughter] would be better than kids who have been riding for six years?”

Friend: “Oh, great. Now you are sounding just like [Husband], I called you because I knew you would understand that it wasn’t my fault. She’s twelve, so she naturally should be better than ten-year-olds.”

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