If It Swims Or Quacks Take It Back

| AL, USA | Friendly | December 6, 2016

(I’m hosting two of my daughters’ friends for a sleepover, as they’re the same ages as my girls (four and eight). We’re having “kid tapas” for dinner — basically an assortment of kid-friendly finger food with a variety of things to dip it in (ketchup, barbecue sauce, etc.) so the girls can all try weird combinations. I’m trying to encourage the four-year-old to try something other than grapes in ketchup.

Me: “Would you like to try one of the crab sticks?”

Four-Year-Old: “No, thank you; I don’t like seafood.”

Me: “That’s fine. We’ve got some leftover duck here, too; want to try that?”

(She tries it, makes a face, and puts it down.)

Four-Year-Old: “I think I don’t like pond food either.”

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