If It Doesn’t Work You Can Giga-Bite Me!

, , , , | Right | October 23, 2018

(A customer comes to my cash with a 32gb memory card and her digital camera, which looks like it is from about the year 2007.)

Customer: “Will this card work in my camera?”

Me: “Oh, probably not. When did you get the camera?”

Customer: “I don’t know.”

Me: “Okay, well, can I see it?”

(She hands me the camera and I look it over. It’s definitely an older camera; it’s big and clunky with a tiny display screen, and it says it takes SD cards, but doesn’t say SDHC or SDXC.)

Me: “I’m sorry, it looks like this camera won’t take anything higher than 2gb, and we don’t sell anything lower than 16 anymore.”

Customer: “But I had a 32gb card in it before and it worked!”

(First of all, why is she asking me, then?! Second… no, I’m pretty sure she’s incorrect.)

Me: “That’s weird, because it doesn’t even say that it takes an SDHC, which is what a 32gb card would be. SD is 2gb or lower, and SDHC is 4gb to 32gb.”

Customer: “Really? It won’t work? What do I do, then?”

Me: “You could try to find a 2gb card online, or you could get a new camera.”

Customer: “No. I had a 32gb card in it before and it worked. I can just take this back if it doesn’t work, right?”

Me: *pause* “Sure.”

(Ten minutes later she brought it back, and we couldn’t resell it because the packaging had been opened.)

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