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If It Ain’t Broke…

| Related | January 23, 2013

(I am visiting my parents. They have a large, decorative, metal windmill in the front yard.)

Me: “Huh, your windmill is broken.”

Mom: *panicking*What do you mean!?

(She races to look.)

Mom: “Oh, I knew about that! Why would you say it was broken, when I already knew it was broken?”

(I visit again six months later.)

Me: “Huh, every time I come home, the windmill is more broken. I mean, you may already know, but one of the front pieces is dangling off.”

Mom: “Oh, okay. Don’t worry about it.”

(Two days later, she goes to look at the windmill.)

Mom: “Why didn’t you say the windmill was broken!?”

Me: “I did, two days ago.”

Mom: “Why didn’t you say it was really broken?”

Me: “Because I said it was broken, and last time you already knew, so I didn’t think this was a big deal. Besides, I told you two days ago it was broken, so I figured you would have looked at it then.”

Mom: “Well, I didn’t know it was really broken! You should have said it was actually broken this time, not like last time when I already knew it was broken.”

(This may be part of why I’m only around twice a year or so.)

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