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If I Had To Portuguess…

, , , | Friendly | October 12, 2015

(I am with my husband at this place of work, a student agency. Being a student agency, people from all over the world happens to stop by. We are both Brazilian but have been living in Brisbane for a few months now. My husband does not look like any nationality in specific, but a mixture of Italian, Spanish, and African descendant. He is at the kitchen making a cup of tea and since it’s winter, he’s wearing a suit and a scarf. There are two women near the kitchen and they start talking about him in Portuguese:)

Woman #1: “Uhm… look at this guy. Is he gay?”

Woman #2: “I don’t know… Maybe?”

Woman #1: *analyzing him* “Uhmmm… he definitely is. He’s wearing a scarf. He has to be gay!”

(My husband, trying really hard not to laugh, speaks very seriously in Portuguese:)

Husband: “No, I am NOT gay!”

(They both looked like they had seen a ghost and started to apologize. He left the kitchen with his tea and not a single laugh, trying to look very angry, but burst into tears immediately after!)

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