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If I Had A Dollar Every Time I Heard That Joke

, , , , , | Right | September 30, 2021

I’m shopping at a nationwide chain where everything is sold for one dollar. I grab the items I need and head to the checkout line. In front of me is a middle-aged couple with a completely full cart. As soon as this couple gets to the register, they start giggling to each other.

Female Customer: “Hey, can we get a price check on that?”

Cashier: “Oh, everything we sell is one dollar.”

Female Customer: “Okay, cool. Thanks!”

The cashier keeps scanning items while the man and woman giggle to each other. They start glancing back at us other customers in line, obviously expecting us to be laughing along with them, only to be met with bored or frustrated stares. But of course, they aren’t deterred, and a few items later…

Male Customer: “I think that [item] rang up wrong. Can you get a price check?”

Cashier: *Still oblivious* “Sir, I told you already; everything here is one dollar.”

Male Customer: “I just wanted to make sure.”

The customers keep giggling and whispering to themselves and looking at everyone else in line to see if they’re getting a reaction. And after a few more items…

Female Customer: “Hold on; can you have a manager check the price on that?”

The cashier has now caught on to their “joke” and silently keeps scanning items. However, another customer behind me shouts out:

Customer: “Shut the f*** up already! You made your lame-a** joke once. Just let the cashier do their job so we can all get out of here!”

The man and woman look completely shocked by this, and the woman responds.

Female Customer: “Geeze, we just like lame jokes. Sorry for trying to brighten everyone’s day with some humor!”

The cashier finally finishes ringing up their items, and they pay and leave, but the woman decides to get in one last “sting” on their way out the door.

Female Customer: “You all really need to chill. It’s just a lame joke. Learn to laugh!”

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