If He Has Stayed Stationary You Could Have Helped

, , , | Right | December 28, 2018

Customer: “Can I have the number for your delivery helpline?”

Me: “Of course.” *starts reciting number*

Customer: “Wait. I haven’t got anything to write on.”

(I’m about to offer him a sticky note when he storms off. I start helping other customers and notice him come back. He glares at me as I finish l serving my customer.)

Me: “Sorry, I thought you had left.”

Customer: “Here, bin this.”

Me: *taking the wrapping* “Sir, did you just buy a sticky note pad and pen?”

Customer: “How else was I supposed that write the number down?”

Me: “I was going to—“

Customer: “What’s the number, then?”

Me: “[Number].”

(The man writes it down, takes the top note off the pack and walks off without another word. My coworker, who has observed everything, comes over.)

Coworker: *picking up the pad and pen* “Free stationery!”

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