If Dr. Phil Has Hair, I’m A Friggin’ Sasquatch

| | Right | January 23, 2008

Customer: “I’m looking for that book by the guy with the hair.”

Me: “The…guy with the hair?”

Customer: “Yeah. I saw it on TV this morning. It has a red cover, I think…”

Me: “What was it about?”

Customer: “Ummm…I think it was about losing weight?”

Me, making an intuitive leap: “Was it The Ultimate Weight Loss Solution by Dr. Phil McGraw?”

Customer: “That’s it!”

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  • Trillium

    You know, OP, people like you justify customers in other stories, the ones that go “I need a book, I dunno the name/author/what’s it about, but it’s green.”

    Not very nice of you.