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Idle Children Are The Devil’s Playthings

, , , , , , | Right | May 13, 2021

I am in a store, shopping for my weekly groceries, when I feel a sharp hit on the back of my leg. I turn around, and a kid is kicking and hitting me repeatedly. I look over for a parent. Everyone here is now looking at the kid except for one couple; they’re arguing over whether a certain yogurt is organic or not.

Me: “Can you please stop hitting and kicking me?”

Kid: “No! I do what I want ’cause Mommy says I’m an angel!”

Other Woman: “More like a little devil.”

Eventually, the parents stopped arguing and moved to another aisle, and the boy followed them. Later on, I told an employee what happened. She sighed and told me she knew exactly who I meant. The boy had attacked other customers before, but nothing was ever done because no employee could catch him in the act. 

I really hope those parents wake up from Fantasyland soon.

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