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Idiotic Costume Ideas, Vol. 1

, , , , | Right | August 5, 2008

(A man comes into the store. He’s covered in tattoos, sporting a buzz cut and a solid gold grill, and wearing a wife-beater. He comes up to me.)

Man: “Uh, yeah, do you guys have a KKK costume?”

Me: “No… no, we don’t.”

Man: “Oh, uh, do you know where I could get one?”

Me: *repulsed* “I guess you could make one, but you’re not going to find it in any store in town.”

(He walks off, but returns about five minutes later.)

Man: “Do you have a Lorena Bobbitt costume?”

Me: “No, sorry.”

Man: *leaves*

Coworker: “Who the h*** would WANT one?!”

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