I’d Put A Title Here But… Squirrel!

| Friendly | April 24, 2017

(I am visiting a couple of friends who are roommates. One of them gets up and goes into the kitchen for a drink, then pops her head back around the corner.)

Roommate #1: *in an overly sweet voice* “Hey, boys!”

(Their two dogs instantly leap up and race around the corner and down the basement stairs. I am very confused.)

Roommate #2: “Go look out the back window. You’ll understand.”

(I head for the back of the house, just in time to see both dogs shoot towards a far corner of the yard, barking madly. A squirrel rockets off the bird feeder and over the fence.)

Me: “Wait. Do you seriously have a code phrase to tell your dogs you want them to chase a squirrel?”

Roommate #1: “Nah. Sometimes it’s a rabbit.”

Me: “Right…”

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