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I’d Like The Foot-In-My-Own-Mouth Combo, Please

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I am serving at the counter at a burger place. Some parents are arguing with their teenage daughter as they approach to order.

Teenage Girl: “I don’t understand! I’m the one going to college. Why can’t I decide what college I want to go to?”

Father: “Because we’re the ones paying. If you want to go to art school and ruin your life and end up like this poor girl here—” *gestures at ME!* “—then I certainly won’t bankroll it.”

He then orders with me while I recover from his blatant rudeness.

Father: “…and I have a coupon for those three combos.”

Me: “That coupon has expired, sir. That’ll be $24.97.”

Father: “It expired yesterday! C’mon! I know you have a button there that can override coupon expiry dates.”

Me: “We do indeed have the ability to still accept expired coupons at our discretion.”

Father: “So…?”

Me: “So, that will be $24.97… sir.”

Father: “But that’s the same as before!”

Me: “Because I’m the one deciding. If you want to go around insulting fast-food clerks, well… I certainly won’t bankroll it.”

The daughter snort-laughed while the father stared at me with cold dead eyes and paid full price.

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