ID Checks Are Complimentary

, | Working | February 16, 2015

(The drinking age in NZ is 18. If you look under 25, we have to ID you. We have a liquor warden who has final call on all alcohol sales: how drunk someone is, lack of ID, etc. My coworker has been checking the IDs of almost everybody today, just to be safe, and also because it leads to some fun banter. The women in this story doesn’t look 17, but it would only take a little stretch to say they could be 25, so the ID check was arguably valid.)

Woman #1: “Can I get two red wines?”

Coworker: “Two pinot noirs? Certainly. May I see your IDs?”

Woman #1: *speechless and laughing* “I… my ID? But I don’t have it!”

Coworker: I’m sorry, ma’am but if you look under 25…”

Woman #2: *disbelieving laughter* “I’m 35! And this is my older sister! You are going to be so embarrassed when you see her ID…”

Woman #1: *laughing* “I don’t have my license with me; I don’t carry my wallet everywhere, you know?”

Woman #2: “…so, so embarrassed…”

(I see our liquor warden standing to the side. He had been talking to the boss and the big boss, so all three of them are now watching the proceedings with interest and amusement.)

Coworker: “Well, I, um…” *calls out* “Hey, liquor man! Do these women look under 25?!”

(Everyone in the area freezes, the women looking towards the bosses, the bosses looking at the women, and me looking back and forth between them. After several long seconds we all burst into laughter.)

Big Boss: “Well, I can either compliment you or deny you alcohol!”

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