| Right | July 16, 2017

(I’m at a local deli run by a man and his son. The owner’s wife is an accomplished painter.)

Owner: “Hey, someone left an iPhone here.”

Customer 1: “Oh, that’s mine.”

Customer 2: “You found my iPhone!”

Son: “Uh… Dad, that’s mine, I just put it down.”

(He unlocks it and shows the photos. It’s clearly his family. Customers #1 and #2 scurry out of the store.)

Owner: “I wonder… [Regular], you still have that broken iPad?”

Regular: “Uh, yeah? You want it?”

Owner: “Yeah!”

(I’m back in next day, and the regular is already there. The owner’s wife is sitting at the back table and carefully painting the back of an iPad.)

Me: “Hey, [Owner’s Wife]. Uh, what are you painting?”

Wife: “John Kerry and a donkey flying a biplane.”

Me: “…what?”

Wife: “Talk to [Owner].”

Owner: “Just you wait.”

(The next day, I come in again, and there’s a sign posted: “IPAD FOUND” with the wife’s art carefully displayed.)

Me: “Hey, [Owner], how’s the iPad scam going?”

Owner: “Five people banned from the store already!”

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