Ice Cream Can Be A Driving Force

| Friendly | December 7, 2015

(Because the max speed limit within the campground is 5 mph, the rangers allow people to drive around doing things that would normally be unsafe at higher speeds such as sitting in the bed of a pickup or not wearing seat belts. During our camping trip we befriend the people in two neighboring campsites and altogether we have about 17 people in our group as a result.)

Neighboring Camper #1: “Hey, you know what I could really go for right now? Some ice cream!”

Neighboring Camper #2: “You know, the store down at the check-in station has a freezer full of ice cream bars!”

Sister: “Yeah, and they have an arcade with an old Mortal Kombat cabinet in it too, that we can play while we eat it!”

Me: “Ooh, we should totally go, then!”

(We ask around and of the 17 people, 13 of us decide we want to go, but we’re all lazy and don’t want to walk that far.)

Neighboring Camper #1: “I know! We can all pile into my Trailblazer and drive down! I’m sure if we take the least steep path, my car can handle it.”

Me: “Can we fit that many people in your Trailblazer, though?”

Neighboring Camper #1: “I work for a moving company! We can pack a car like nobody’s business!”

(And so we somehow manage to fit 13 people in a Chevy Trailblazer that had five seats by cramming four people into the backseat and the rest of us into the cargo area. When we get down there we manage to make a group of rangers laugh when they see all of us pouring out of an SUV and running towards the store/arcade area.)

Me: “And that is how clowns do camping!”

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