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I Wonder If That Was His Final Form?

, , , , , | Right | July 5, 2020

I’m a pharmacy technician who greatly enjoys video games. My head pharmacist does not. Still, she sometimes tries to use “gaming terms” to better motivate me during the crazier shifts, although she usually ends up asking, “Was that right?” Today was one of those days.

Just before the end of my shift, a very intimidating customer drops off a script for a controlled item and stays at the counter for several minutes to instruct me on how it is to be done. For the record, as far as I have been taught, if certain controlled items are only partially dispensed, then the remainder is void and a new script would need to be written for more. This is one such item.

Customer: “The last time I was here, your other pharmacist denied me this prescription because you did not have enough in stock. The time before that, they only gave me half and never the rest. I never had this problem in [County next to ours]. I don’t know why doctors in this backwoods county have no balls, but you will fill this today. If you do not have it all today, then you will give me what you have and then the rest of the script next week.”

I make sure to keep eye contact and say little more than “okay” as they rant about government prescription coverage and more about medical professionals “not having balls,” including something about another pharmacy wanting to overcharge them this morning, which is why they are back to “deal with us.” They are practically shaking with restrained anger by this point.

Customer: “Also, you will never give me one of those stickers again! I have been taking [medication] for over twenty years. I worked at [Nearby Hospital]. I know how to use it!”

Me: “My apologies. We are now required to add those stickers to the bottles of all [medications].”

Seeing they are about to explode in another tirade, all 5’2″ of me cringes and I hastily continue.

Me: “But I will add a note to your profile today.”

The customer is seemingly placated for now.

Customer: “Fine! Make sure they never give me another safety cap again, too!”

Me: “Okay. I will get started on this with my pharmacist.”

The customer stalks off to wait. I assure my pharmacist and a coworker, who have both been listening in, that I will be fine, and we all agree to get the customer out as soon as possible. After filling them in, we actually get to work on the script, as corporate has been breathing down our necks about any customer complaints, and refusing this person would very well end up giving us one. My pharmacist says she will ring up the sale, but I insist, telling her I can finish this. As I call the customer back up, I can see that they have had time to cool off and have visibly deflated a little.

Customer: “Look, I’m sorry for my tone. This whole government system has me so fed up!”

They continue to, more politely at least, repeat their previous rant about Medicare and doctors with “no balls” as I quietly ring up the sale. At one point, they even notice they forgot an item, and I go the extra mile by heading out to grab it for them. By the end of the transaction, we are actually having a partially civil conversation.

Customer: “Anyway, thank you for the help.”

We wait until the customer is gone before I turn to my pharmacist.

Me:That is what we call a Boss Battle, and I just pwned its a**!”

Looking back, I added all the notes, including a warning for future shifts, but forgot to double-check the safety cap. I’m going to need some hi-potions and phoenix downs if they show back up tomorrow. Still taking the win tonight!

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