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I Woke Up Today And Felt Like Complaining

, , | Right | March 22, 2008

Angry Man: “This is ridiculous! Look how small these cones are!”

Other Server: “Uh…?”

Me: “Can I help you?”

Angry Man: “Yeah! Each time I come in here, the cones get smaller and smaller, and the scoops are tiny!”

Me: “Sir, those are standard-sized scoops. But if you’d like, I can add on a bit more ice cream.”

Angry Man: “It’s not about the ice cream! It’s the fact that you are taking money from people and making everything smaller. This is ridiculous! Don’t you feel ashamed?”

Me: “I’m sorry, sir… I’ll talk to my manager about that if you’d like.”

Angry Man: “Yeah, well, good!”

(He tries to toss the ice cream cone in the trash, but misses. He picks the cone up off the ground and throws it away. The other server and I try to keep from laughing.)

Angry Man: “You’ve just lost a customer for life!” *stalks out, red-faced*

Me & Other Server: “Wow…”

(In re-enters a customer with his son who I had just served moments before.)

Another Customer: “Don’t worry about that guy. He was just screaming at someone over at the next-door grocery store for not having the correct amount of bananas per bunch.”

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