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I Will Learn To Take A Joke When You Learn To Tell One

, , , , | Right | December 19, 2020

I’m a part-time employee at a dollar store, I’m seventeen, and this is my first time working during the Christmas season. I’ve heard plenty of stories from my coworkers and managers about difficult customers in this season.

Naturally, I’m worried about getting a bad customer, so I’m trying to be extra nice. A customer comes up to my till with two cans of soda; they’re $1.40 together. I go to grab the cans but he holds out his hand to give me his change first.

Me: *Super happy voice* “Oh, I’m sorry. I need to scan these through first.”

Customer: *Super aggressively, and angrily* “No, you don’t!”

Me: “Uh… um… I… What?”

I am super confused and kind of scared, since I really don’t want to get yelled at. The customer waits a second, and then breaks and laughs.

Customer: “I’m just messing with ya, a joke.”

Me: *Still shaken up* “Oh, um, okay.”

I then scan the cans through and give him his total. As he hands me some change, the customer tells me:

Customer: “You really need to learn to take a joke.”

Me: “I’m sorry.” *Still very confused*

The customer then leaves, but as he gets to the door he turns back and says:

Customer: “You really do need a sense of humor.” 

Sorry for not finding being scared funny?!

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