I Wheely Don’t Need Your Help

| Friendly | October 9, 2016

(I’m in a wheelchair. The city where I live really loves its paver stones for some reason, but paver stones and wheelchairs aren’t very good friends. Thus, I tend to be very careful and move slowly if I’m going down a hill.)

Me: *making my way down a steep hill*

(I hear a female voice from somewhere behind me.)

Random Woman: “HOLD ON! I’M COMING!”

Me: *looks back to see some random woman charging towards me*

Random Woman: *grabs my handlebars as soon as she’s close enough to do so* “It’s ok. I’ve got you.”

Me: *quickly pulls away, deer-in-headlights look* “Please don’t.”

Random Woman: “But I can help you!”

Me: “No. Thank you.”

(It took almost a full minute to convince her that I didn’t need help. She seemed confused and mildly offended.)

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