I Watch Him Whip, I Watch Her Slay Slay

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I am sorting out stock when I notice an angry-looking man approach my coworker at the counter. He produces an old iPhone cable. It’s a completely mutilated mess, and sadly, we know what he’s about to ask.

Customer: “Refund.”

Coworker: “On this cable, sir?”

Customer: “Obviously.”

Coworker: “It looks like it’s been seriously damaged, sir. May I ask what happened to it?”

Customer: “D*** thing stopped working. Refund.”

Coworker: “It looks like someone has cut the cable, and then tried to fix it by soldering the wires inside together.”

Customer: “Yeah, I did that to fix it, but it didn’t work. Refund.”

Coworker: “I’m afraid we can’t process a refund for an item that was willfully destroyed. You should have bought it back before trying to fix it.”

Customer: “Nope. Refund. Manager.”

Coworker: “I am the manager on duty.”

She hands the broken cable back to the customer.

Coworker: “I am afraid we won’t be able to help you in this matter, sir.”

The customer stares for a moment, almost shocked that he hasn’t got his way. He picks up his broken cable, and in an act so shocking I swear I see it happening in slow motion, he tries to WHIP my coworker with it!

Luckily, she happened to be paying attention, and she caught the cable in her hand before it could reach her face. Holding the cable tightly, staring at the customer dead in the eyes, she says:

Coworker: “Leave, before this cable isn’t the only thing that’s broken.”

Customer: “You’re all scammers!”

And with that he storms out of the store, leaving behind the cable. She takes note of his license plate as he drives off from the parking lot, and sends it to the police along with the camera footage of his attempted whipping.

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