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I Want To Be This Kind Of Person When I Grow Up

, , , , , | Right | CREDIT: CMPD2K | June 26, 2021

About a week or two ago, my girlfriend got a $200 tip at her restaurant from an older couple. She said they were very nice and low maintenance and left before she could see their tip.

Today, I get sat an older couple. The entire time, they are incredibly polite and low maintenance. They are very kind and thankful, in and out quickly, etc. When I go to bus their table, I notice a note.

Note: “Excellent food! Outstanding service! Thank you.”

That was clearly nice and made me happy, but then I looked down. I honestly didn’t believe it at first and it took me a minute to process, but they tipped me $200 on a $50 bill.

Afterward, I called my girlfriend, and we believe, based on the descriptions we had, that they were the same couple.

I wish I had gotten to thank them in person. The money came at a time when it was really needed!

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