I Want Discount Because Reasons

, , | Right | September 10, 2018

(It’s the day before Canada Day and the store is insanely busy. It’s going smoothly, however, until, this customer comes to my register. He has already spent about five minutes doing “unprepared” price matching: not knowing where something is, not highlighting, circling or flagging the items that he wants to match, not writing down page numbers of items on sale.)

Me: *coming to the end of the transaction* “So your total today is [relatively low price].”

Customer: “What? That can’t be right.”

Me: “Well, there is tax on the popsicles and ice cream.”

Customer: “Can you check that?”

Me: “You want me to check the prices on everything?” *at this point, a number of significantly long lines have started to form*

Customer: “No, can you calculate that it’s correct? Did you price match the cherries right?”

(I hold back a sigh and pull out the register calculator, adding everything, including tax. Unsurprisingly it’s the same total as what I and the computer say it is. I show the customer and he skeptical accepts it.)

Customer: “Well, can I see a supervisor or a manager about it? I didn’t think it would be this much, so maybe I can get a discount?”

Me: *taken aback by the question, but calls the supervisor down* “All right, she’ll be right down.”

(My supervisor comes down and is thoroughly taken aback by the question like I was, but basically says the same thing I did: the computer doesn’t make mistakes and that’s the price of his groceries. Finally he concedes.)

Customer: “All right, fine. But I’m gonna calculate this myself and if it’s wrong, I’m coming back later and I want a full refund if I’m right.”

Me: *handing his change* “Have a good weekend, sir.”

(He never came back later.)

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