I Tire Of These Scams

| England, UK | Working | July 26, 2016

(I am a fairly new driver and quite young. I have a good little car; nothing special, but good enough. I take it to the garage after I had problems going into gears and reversing and know it is the clutch.)

Me: “Hi. I’ve come to pick up my cat. It’s the Fiat.”

Auto Guy: “All right, we’ve had a look at it and found a few problems with it. Obviously the clutch is gone so that’ll need replacing. I’ve also found out that your offside tyres need replacing now. They’re worn down to the legal limit. Also your power-steering has completely gone so that needs work.”

Me: “Okay. So what’s the bill?”

Auto Guy: “It’ll be about £500, plus labour.”

Me: “All right. I just have one question.”

Auto Guy: “Sure?”

Me: “How can my power-steering be faulty when the car doesn’t even have power-steering?”

(I took my car plus their list of “faults” to another garage. Got my clutch and a few other very minor problems fixed for about £150, and my tyres didn’t need doing until almost a year later!)

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