I Tire Of These Auto-Shop Scams

, , , | Working | February 7, 2019

(I have just moved to a new city, and wouldn’t you know it, I get a flat! I put the spare on and my landlord kindly drives with me to a local garage for help. I am a female; the mechanic is male.)

Mechanic: “Okay, yeah. You got a hole; treads are okay, though. So, I can either do a patch or get you a new tire.”

Me: “How much for the tire?”

Mechanic: “I can get you a good used one for $200.”

(Keep in mind, having just moved here, I’m sticking to a tight budget. Also, these guys have a sign that clearly says CASH ONLY. However, I may not be a car expert, but that sounds way too high to me.)

Me: “How much for a patch?”

Mechanic: “Only $15, but it won’t last beyond two weeks.”

Me: “I’ll take the patch.”

(They repair my tire, and my landlord and I drive off. A few days later, I drive over to my uncle’s house, about five hours away, to visit. I called him beforehand to explain I needed a new tire, and since he’s the “car guy” of the family, I figured he could get me a better deal.)

Uncle: *inspecting the tires* “There’s nothing wrong with this tire.”

Me: “Really? Guy said it wouldn’t last long.”

Uncle: “Bulls***. You made it all the way here on the crappy highway and it’s still going. Plus, I’ve put God knows how many patches on your aunt’s tires and they’ve all held. The guy was just trying to scam you. You can get four tires for $150 at [Local Auto Shop].”

Aunt: “Yeah, I keep telling you, honey, when we women go to auto stores, they try to up the price. That’s why I stick to [National Auto Chain] when traveling. They hire women and give good service without trying to scam you.”

Uncle: “You always say that, but I’m starting to believe you now.”

(Long story short, my tire is still fine and my uncle told me to call him first before doing any more car repairs.)


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