I Think We’ve Identified The Problem

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I am only fourteen, coming back home after visiting my dad, with only enough money to pay for my bus ticket and a meal. Student cards are only given out after school pictures have been taken.

Me: “One ticket to [Town], please. And I’m a student.”

I show him my student card.

Teller: “That’s from last year. You need this year’s student card.”

Me: “But, my school only took pictures a couple of weeks ago. We don’t have this year’s card yet.”

Teller: “No, pictures were taken two months ago. You should have your card by now. If you don’t have this year’s card, you’re a dropout and need to pay full price.”

Me: “We didn’t get our pictures taken until just a couple weeks ago. We haven’t gotten our new IDs yet.”

Teller: *yelling* “No! Pictures were taken two months ago! You are a dropout and you have to pay full price!

Me: “Pictures were only two weeks ago! We haven’t gotten our new IDs yet!”

Teller: “If you don’t want to pay for your ticket, then get out of my line and let me serve an actual customer!”

I paid full price for my ticket, using my food money to cover it. Thanks to him, I went twelve straight hours without eating anything. My new ID didn’t arrive for another three weeks.

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